"Have the wedding your friends will ENVY".

Your wedding day will be one for you and your loved to remember filled with a lifetime of memories. Add excitement and elegance to your special day with exciting Flair bartenders and signature original cocktails inspired by the groom and bride.

Why settle for average run of the mill banquet bartenders making basic cocktails when you could have some of the world's best professional bartenders creating fantastic hand crafted cocktails while entertaining your friends and family the whole night?


Evolve from the ordinary!

Long gone are the restricted choices of the basic rum & coke, vodka & cranberry and everything else at your parents wedding. This is "YOUR WEDDING" and you deserve to "have the wedding your friends will envy" with cutting edge cocktails incorporated into your signature event!
Why not take it to the next level and enjoy what some of today's hottest venues and bartenders have implemented into their guests experiences. "Spirited Dinners"... imagine having each course from your dinner menu paired perfectly with an original and signature cocktail by professional bartenders to help put your wedding over the top and have your guests talking long after your event about the cocktails, food and how amazing your brides dress was. ;-)

As seen on A&E, The Travel Channel, CMT, MTV, etc... Our professional bartenders are on fire. Pardon the pun. Moving into mainstream entertainment. Flair Bartending is a fun, enthusiastic, interacting and professional way to entertain while performing a valuable service.
Why hire BarWars L.L.C. for your next event?
- We are professional.
- Piece of mind. We only work with a contract. So both parties know exactly what they are expecting from each other.
- Performance. Our Professional Bartenders are world finalists. Not some bartender who just started practicing Flair bartending in their backyard. This means you will be getting top notch entertainment while having the piece of mind knowing we are safe and professional.
- Experience. Most of our Professional Bartenders have been in the industry for many years and know how to perform their job properly and efficiently.
- Excitement. Add extra energy to your event and an instant conversation starter for your guests. Give them something to talk about during and long after your event.

We have been in the industry many years and are committed to quality as well as performance and above all safety. We have a proven track record turning heads where ever we go.

"Have your event be a success and put your mind at ease... Hire BarWars L.L.C. ."
For more information on making your next event a success you can contact us at: events@barwars.info.

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