Levi Donaldson-
"BarWars will always be special for me being my second most memorable moment in my Flair career. I won BarWars III and earned a new level of respect from other competitors and other Flair Bartenders around the world. This event is second only to my finish at the WFBC. At BarWars III I also got my nickname"The Great White Hope" from BarWars I winner Travis Tober, a nickname that has stuck for 2 years now.

I can't wait till BarWars V to beat my rival Adriano Marcellino and make him wear a dress to work.
Hope everyone can come compete this year."

Adriano Marcellino-
"Well, everything started a year and a half ago, I took a plane from the Cayman Islands (I was competing there)to Miami. I arrived on November 9th of 2002, and I was ready to compete the next day. Qualifying day went really fast and I qualify first. Everything was looking good for the finals. 

Next day I took my place behind the speed bar, and before Rob Husted(the organizer and MC)said go, the history was beginning... I didn't do well in the speed round (at all), I tried to recover in my Flair round, which was Ok and I finished 4th place, after Eric MoonDanny Rossi and the  Grand Champion of BarWars III Levi "the great white hope" Donaldson. I leave that day  and I knew that I needed to win that competition one day.

BarWars V is around the corner and the practicing about to start. I feel more confident than ever and I know is going to be one of those competitions who make the people talk!!!!!!!
Now, it's just time for another chance in BarWars V and "Adriano strikes back"!!!!!!!!!"

Daniel Joseph-
I can remember when he was toying around with the idea of having a contest a few years ago, and back then everyone one was just kind of doing Flair for fun. Other than maybe two serious competitions a year there really wasn't anything else to help develop competitors during the off times. BarWars developed as a fun competition with still, a strong grounding for rules, proper techniques, and fairness.            

BarWars Competitions have been successful at just that. Since the years past of just an idea, it has continued to grow and still earn the respect of competitive Flair Bartenders new and legendary all the way through to today... including my own. "

Danny Rossi-
"BarWars is one of my favorite competitions. It is very professional and very complete."

"BarWars means for me: good time, meet good people, good Flair, see friends, good show and MUCHO SHOW!"

"BarWars for me is a very  important competition, because it was my first time that I got a first place in a competition  with exhibition, speed and accuracy."

Martin Janica-
"My first big tournament in the US was with out a doubt, BarWars 4 in West Palm Beach. This tournament organized by one of my Best Friends Rob Husted, showed to me that is not necessary go to far from Florida to be involved in a competition NOT ONLY FLIPPING STYLE."

"I still have in my mind the excellent organization. They separated us in 2 groups, one first in speed the other to the Flair bar. It was for me a great WFBC preparation. The rules were very strict, in the Flair round, qualify, first working flair, and then flair, and in the finals, first working, second flair, and the last minute free, no deductions,( I need to add here a special comment to the crazy garnishes, like a condom in the SEX IN THE SHOWER shot)"

Teddie Buckley-
"Aside from the fact that my first competition was BarWars it is by far the most memorable and funniest competitions I have ever done and always look forward to it. At Barwars III, I Was one of three females with some 20 or more guys and at Barwars IV I was one of 2 females with just as many males as before. So talk about nerve-racking. BarWars brings some of the best Flair Bartenders from around the world and as you may know most are men.

No one automatically thinks a woman will qualify for the finals unless you are Erin Connelly who is amazing, so for that we have to make sure we stand out. Rob Husted has made it so easy and welcoming to all levels of Flair Bartenders to compete and feel good about what they have done."

Brian Loukmas -
BarWars is a premier bartending event held once a year at a select venue in South Florida.

It's host to many of the top Flair names in the world, with past winners including Danny Rossi, Levi Donaldson, Rob Ford(Tin Man) and Travis Tober.

BarWars is about skill, accuracy and showmanship. There is a speed round and a crazy Flair/Specialty round where we have seen in past years: skulls, strippers, body shots, more strippers and of course drunkenness.

This two day competition, with qualifying on day one and finals on the second day, is run by Rob Husted (the vice president of Flairbar.com), MC'd by Ben Rose - the "second" voice of Flair - and a highly qualified panel of judges from both the old school and new school of Flair. If you plan on competing or being a part of the drunken crowd make sure you take the next day off of work because you will not stop drinking until 4 am.

People as far away as England and Argentina have made the journey to compete. This year will be no different; as an estimated 30 competitors from Las Vegas, Tampa, Argentina, Chicago, Minnesota and more will be competing and having a good time in this fun, and highly competitive event."

Paul "The Mad Russian" Trzcianko-
"BarWars IV was my first competition in my Flair career. The competition is very fun filled but still has a prestigious feel.

I went to West Palm Beach by myself and came out with many new friends. I walked into Club Safari for the meet and greet, crack a joke to ease the tension and the next thing I know I'm flipping bottles in the middle of a busy club. "Show me what you got" the Bartender says which just so happens to be Flairbar's own Rob Husted. I'm so nervous I'm dropping everything, it didn't matter though because that's the kind of competition BarWars is.

I have never gotten so much help help from fellow competitors. Legends, like Levi Donaldson, Danny Rossi and Adriano Marcellino hoisted me onto there shoulders after my round. I didn't win, I ended up eighth, but it didn't matter.

After that I felt like family in the Flair community which in turn pushed me to keep on going. This is what the sport is all about, the friendship and family you make to help push this thing to another level. So rookie or veteran if your looking for a great competition come to BarWars V you won't regret it. I know I won't miss one."